Church Planting

Looking Out

Churches are not meant to be preoccupied solely with their own function and well-being, and we have a particular desire to support the beginning and flourishing of other contemplative churches besides our own. This means a couple of things.

Open and Supportive

First, we try to embody a posture of open-handedness with regard to what God has given us, always trying to notice and respond to what God is doing relative to our own people and resources; being willing to release and give with a joyful heart.

Second, we want to notice and support others who are exploring various contemplative church expressions. If you are discerning an invitation from God relative to planting a contemplative church or if your current group or church seeks to feature more contemplative practices in your ministry and life together, we would love to befriend you.

Feel free to contact us if any of these things resonate with you.

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