Schedule: Spring to Summer, 2023

Our Spring to Summer Sunday schedule is here!

This season, we are experimenting with a few new things. “Gospel Play” is a way of engaging Scripture in the vein of Godly Play. It emphasizes creativity and the imagination in spiritual formation, and is founded on the principles of Montessori. It is primarily intended to nourish children in their experience of God, but tends to be equally enriching for adults alike.

“Learning to Pray” will focus on various prayer practices. This season, in tandem with our regular practice, we will further envision the theology and practice of praying for healing.

Our “Church Meeting” is essentially the equivalent of an Annual General Meeting – a requisite of all charities (including churches) operating in Canada.

Homily: Triumphal Entry

The Entry of Christ into Jerusalem, 1497. Found in the collection of the State Open-air Museum Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery.
Jesus and the Man Blind from Birth (Lent 4)

Doug Houlbrook gives the homily from Matthew 21:1-11.

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Holy Week Services

What a sacred mystery this next week is in the arc of the Gospel and the life of the Church! It was Jesus’ deep desire to have his friends be awake, attentive, and alongside him in his agonizing journey to the cross. This desire forms the bedrock of God’s invitation to us every Holy Week week, and we invite you to join us as we seek to companion Jesus from the upper room (his last supper), to Golgotha (the place of the skull, where he was crucified), to resurrection.

These events – known as the “Pascal/Easter/Holy Triduum” (the three days from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday) are the fulcrum of the entire Gospel, with immeasurable theological and spiritual significance. The Triduum not only represents a fullness of what God did in our story, but also provides an incomparable window into the stunning beauty of who God is. What kind of God is this – one who washes our feet, shares his body and blood, suffers and dies on a cross between thieves, and is resurrected? These are the sacred mysteries we desire to contemplate, embody, and experience this week – and we ask God for this grace.

Maundy Thursday (April 6)

  • Supper, communion, foot washing
  • Contact us for location

Good Friday (April 7)

  • Music, readings, contemplative prayer
  • Wear black
  • 6pm at 823 Ellice Ave
  • Doors open 5:40pm for silent prayer

Easter Sunday (April 9)

  • Partying, singing, sharing, communion
  • Wear white!
  • 10:30am at 823 Ellice Ave

Homily: In Whose Hands Would You Rather Be? (Reign of Christ)

In Whose Hands Would You Rather Be? (Reign of Christ)

Suhail Stephen gives the homily from Luke 23:33-43.

Listen to all our homilies via our West End Abbey podcast: